DANIELS COMMUNICATIONS is a cutting-edge global professional development company with expertise in Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, BPO Employee Orientation and Contact Centre Training, Executive Coaching, Intercultural Communications and Ex-pat Transitioning. Possess a proven track record of transformational leadership serving clients in the Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and United States.

We are experts who know how to Engage Employees, Empower Leaders and Excel Performance through our signature Purposeful Leadership programs, Executive Coaching and trademark Learning Labs.  When it comes to professional development, there is one solution…Daniels Communications.

We possess expertise in customization of supervisor, manager and executive leadership programs.  Our team possesses over 50 years of collective experience in learning and development and human resource management and we are highly proficient at instructional design, learning delivery, program management and performance Coaching.   We have extensive experience in understanding and translating business performance gaps into employee development strategies; and, developing programs and initiatives that improve organizational effectiveness and employee engagement.

We operate by the belief that there are no such things as problems. Instead, there are situations that present new challenges and create  opportunities to expand vision, optimize performance and strengthen service.  Our company employ unique practices that aide in development strategies and enhancement of vital business competencies.  Our use of highly-energetic facilitation skills and performance-driven training tools will help.

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“This (team-building offsite) was no easy feat. There was one person who came to mind for such a complete challenge with many moving parts: Jewel Daniels Radford of Daniels Communications. Over the weeks that followed, Jewel designed a series of team challenges that our colleagues would have to work in break-out groups to complete. These challenges were built to incorporate all of the key cultural behaviors that we want our people to embody; attributes such as curiosity, communication and selflessness, to name a few.”

– Kishman Spence, Director, CARE Operations, Vistaprint

“Excellent delivery, excellent training and facilitator. ”I learnt a lot, had loads of fun and looking forward to the other courses.”

– Sheldon Davis, IT Manager, Caribbean Producers Jamaica

“I want to commend you and your team for an engaging session. I was most pleased with the expert and thorough approach which helped to unearth and bring the real issues to the surface. I am positive that your contribution will continue to be of great value to the growth of my organization and the wider working world. Well done”

-Maureen Hill, Supervisor, Vistaprint

“The training was really good and will help our employees work better with each other.”

– Andrea Gayle, HR Manager, Montego Cooperative Credit Union

“The training was extremely thorough and delivered in a way that appealed to everyone and the instructor did an excellent job at defusing a negative conversation turning something that could have been negative into a positive situation.” positive situation.”

– Martha Williams, Liberty County BOE

“Daniels Communication is training and development organisation managed by an inspiring, professional, resilient woman (who).. graciously agreed to attend the meeting and do a presentation on first world approach to human resources management resulting from her many years of service with Vista Print. Iin my (former) capacity of HR Director at Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited (CPJ) we immediately engaged their services to achieve our training and development goals for our Supervisors and middle Managers. The service provided by Daniels Communications was impeccable, challenging and visionary resulting in a transformation of our organisation.”

– Petra Ann Williamson, Human Resources Director, Couples Resorts




Entrepreneurship Business Builders

The Tenacious Entrepreneurs Series is a signature program that offers training and coaching for new and existing business owners on start-up and sustainability techniques. Starting a business takes courage.  Sustaining it requires tenacity.  The Tenacious Entrepreneur Series offers courses for two and a half hours  over a period of six weeks for existing and would-be business owners.

We are also vested in helping to cultivate the minds and pathways of tomorrow’s business gurus.  The Collegiate Entrepreneurs Program welcomes students enrolled in institutions of higher learning  interested in learning best practices on how to build a business.

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