EEcover-sm The Enterprising Entrepreneur is an awesome business resource and motivational work filled with personal testimonies and expert advice for established business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Highly rated as an outstanding read, the book helps define the essentials of establishing a solid foundation to grow and succeed in business. The author shares dynamic stories of "surviving the wilderness," building a committed team, sourcing new opportunities and enjoying the fruit of your labor. The Enterprising Entrepreneur is a favorite for rejuvenating business or rules on how to get started the right way!

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How do you keep the forces of an economic crisis from devouring your business, questioning your leadership ability and killing your customer base? Author Jewel Daniels tackles these questions and other pressing concerns in It Takes Tenacity, 15 Power Moves to Survive the Wilderness and Weather the Economic Storm. The book takes a refreshing and creative approach to business problem solving by offering timely solutions and techniques that guide readers to "learn the lessons" of the current recession. The author gives a powerful illustration of tenacity which she says can only be found is those who continuously demonstrate strong leadership throughout all seasons and cycles of business. The book cautions professionals to avoid hitting the panic button that may lead to hurried decisions that can have long-lasting and destructive results. It Takes Tenacity offers solutions beyond eliminating personnel and slashing budgets, instead suggesting that leaders perform "artful surgery" combined with leaning on workforce talents, strategic alliance building and maximizing customer relationships to lead work teams out of the wilderness. The book is peppered with personal stories, business affirmations and includes a two-tiered leadership approach as the cornerstone for handling a business crisis and turning it into a new opportunity. Daniels encourages business owners and corporate leaders to explore new avenues in an effort to sustain your brand. The author joins forces with her business Attorney Colette Fergusson to include an often overlooked but essential area of business that speaks volumes on the importance of "covering your assets." Daniels says that proper preparation, planning and outstanding performance are the essence of being able to sustain in any business.

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