The Future Rest in their hands
All too often individuals are placed in positions of leadership, yet they are not properly prepared properly prepared to lead people. Many are well-versed in the skills to perform the task of their specific jobs; yet, not fully equipped with the knowledge and tools need to direct, motivate and nurture a high-performing team. Organizations reap greater benefits when investing in the growth and development of their organization’s talent. Individuals who commit to become life-long learners acquire and carry new skills enabling them to consistently excel in the workplace.

This one-day offering is popular because it is packed with information and a resource booklet that participants can utilize when faced with various office situations. Participants are tasked with creating a Professional Development Plan that they can share with their managers in preparation for setting a course of action that allows them to grow their careers and meet the goals of the organization. It’s a win-win for company and employee!
This program is good for professionals who are often grappling with some of the following questions:
1). Can I handle the responsibilities of leadership?
2). Do I have the ability to lead collaboratively throughout my organization?
3). Can I manage projects and work with multiple stakeholders?
4). Can I adapt to changing circumstances and fulfill the organization’s goals?

Program Duration
Date: OPEN ENROLLMENT For more information, call: 876.546.5020
Location: TBD Montego Bay, Jamaica

Program fees are as follows:
$45,375 JMD
$375 USD
Registration Fee: $100 USD / $12,100 JMD (non-refundable)

Applicants who cannot pay the full fee should not be deterred from applying. We offer a few partial scholarships for people who can demonstrate a clear need for financial assistance. Requests for scholarships should be made via the application form. You may also call 876.546.5020. Register TODAY