Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Daniels Communications offer? We are professional development experts who design and develop training courses and programs that excel employee performance. In additional to our global facilitation services, we recruit to fill supervisor to C-Suite positions for organizations who seek high-performing professionals.

Does Daniels Communications offer customized training courses and programs? Yes, we access client needs and develop curriculum to meet and exceed expectations.

Does Daniels Communications offer training for individuals? Yes, we offer half-day and full-day courses facilitated throughout the year and information can be found on our website

Does Daniels Communications provide online training? Yes, we offer several courses via our online learning portal

Does Daniels Communications offer blended learning? Yes, through our online portal individuals can participate in self-led and blended learning courses. For more information, please schedule an appointment using .

Can I schedule an appointment with Ms. Daniels Radford? Yes, please feel welcome to schedule an appointment that fits best with your schedule by accessing

Does Daniels Communications recruit for entry level positions? The company is focused on recruiting for senior level positions beginning with managers to C-suite professionals?

Does Daniels Communications assist companies with issues other than recruitment and training? Yes, we provide support in areas like Onboarding, Candidate Experience Surveys, Ex-pat Transition training, all in support of attracting, retaining and developing high-performers.