Our firm takes a professional approach to managing your business needs to ensure that we embrace your total vision for developing your team. We know that individuals and organizations need knowledge and skills to remain competitive. Our role is to provide your organization with knowledge and expertise that will advance performance. We accomplish this goal by providing industry standard solutions win innovative, challenging, cutting-edge learning and development solutions that are customized for in-house delivery via the classroom, online and blended learning experiences. Professional development programs are designed to meet the needs of large and small, to medium-size organizations, public and private sector companies.

We have worked with a spectrum of organizations to include Caribbean Producers of Jamaica (CPJ), US Army, Vistaprint, Gulfstream Aerospace, Total, Simpson Lumber, Montego Cooperative Credit Union (MCCU) , Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean (BCoEC) and CitiTrends.

Our philosophy, we are your strategic business partner; both in and outside the classroom, committed to working with you to achieve your objectives.
Our mission is to become an integral part of your organization so that we effectively provide demonstrable results.
Indeed, it is the combination of our experience, beliefs and approach to providing an experience that exceeds our clients’ expectations, that we are able to turn workplace challenges into growth opportunities.


Everyone learns differently. For us, what is most important is providing learning, resources and develop methods is ways that best fit your learning style.

The Seven Learning Styles
Visual (spatial):You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.
Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
Physical (kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.
Logical (mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.
Social (interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
Solitary (intrapersonal): You prefer to work alone and use self-study.
It is simple. Successful organizations and high-achieving professionals understand that learning and development is a lifelong process. When you stop investing in your employees, your competition starts moving ahead. When you neglect developing yourself, everyone around you excels and you are left behind.


On-site Delivery

We make it convenient. Learning Programs are conducted right at your facility, eliminating individual travel costs and putting more control in your hands. This helps in many ways:
  • Engage employees through heightened awareness of company investment in employee development
  • Spark a major organizational change initiative to improve service quality and efficiency
  • Benefit from training material that is customized for your specific organizational needs
  • Control class size and foster sharing as well as collaboration in a fun and comfortable environment
  • Maximize cost savings through on-site program delivery and management
  • Accommodate employee busy schedules by selection of dates that accommodate your business schedule.

Courses and Workshops

When great minds come together, anything can happen! Our courses and workshops afford participants the unique opportunity to connect with others intheir industry and those who share common interests. Exchange ideas, share business stories and learn from our experience global professional development experts who offer amazing insights and solutions to your workplace challenges.

Why Should You Attend?
  • Network with your peers and colleagues across industries and locations
  • Learning from highly-experienced global professionals
  • Stay focused on learning by being out of the office.
  • Structured discussions facilitate networking and learning from real-world experiences.

Virtual Classroom

Where we bring learning right to your fingertips!

This is taking learning to a whole new level. Whether you are participating at home while in your pajamas OR from your desk at work, learning online is extremely convenient and saves on the cost and hassle of travel. These scheduled courses allow you to reduce the impact on your daily schedule with live, interactive, instructor-led training as well as independently navigated learning via our cutting-edge web technology.

Log into our Learning4Life online development portal to access to gain access to our catalog of web-based courses anytime, day or night. Hooray, you are learning, growing and building on skills while also managing to:
  • Eliminate expense and time spent traveling to a public learning offering.
  • Create a collaborative learning environment for remote teams and multiple office through customized sessions
  • Manage your schedule around business tasks
  • Grow your professional network and learn from others
  • Benefit from globally experienced professionals representing various industries
  • Ramp up employees quickly
  • Access courses and programs at anytime, from anyplace and where is most convenient for you
Online learning is incredibly powerful, convenient and the most cost effective means for employees to increase knowledge and improve skills.

Blended Learning

This is where you can get the best, of more than one world. Our Blended Learning Offerings (also known as hybrid or mixed-mode courses) allow you to experience the traditional face-to-face classroom experience along with web-based online learning with a bit of independence. It is a very unique blend that fundamentally changes the way facilitators and learners engage and approach the learning experience.

There are three important components:
  • In-person classroom sessions facilitated by our world class instructors.
  • Online recorded learning modules and talks facilitated by leading industry professionals
  • Structured independent study based on in-classroom facilitation, virtual sessions and learning material
This dynamic combination allows professionals to build skills and take action. It is excellent for professionals who like diversity. It requires good disciple and focus for the independent person who is comfortable with online learning with some classroom interaction.

Sometimes life just gets extremely busy. Yet, continuous learning and professional development must not be sacrificed. Failing to make the time means you get left behind. It is better to explore creative options to solve that challenge through Lunch & Learn.

What Is It? Munch while you Learn!

Just as the name implies, Lunch & Learn is a learning or development event scheduled occasionally during the lunch hour or morning breakfast. We facilitate these bite-size sessions for organizations as a means of bringing employees together to create synergy, share and learn. You provide the lunch or breakfast and we will bring the knowledge.

For our early risers, start the day off right. Stimulate your brain and energize your workplace activity.
Breakfast & Brains is less formal and less structured than traditional training events. The topics are conducive to short, hour-long sprints delivered over a series of days or weeks.

Some Topics we tackle:
  • How to facilitate a Coaching session
  • Managing Your Triggers and Lessing Your Stress
  • Squashing Gossip and Creating a Supportive Climate
  • Managing Change and Transition
  • Fostering Trust, Building Relationships
  • Being Accountable in Work and Life
  • Beyond Leadership: Going from Success to Greatest
  • Initiating Difficult Conversations
  • Being Comfortable with Saying “No”
Want more information on our Lunch & Learn or Breakfast & Brains events? Give us a call at 1 (876)-631-7977 or email us at events@learner4life.com