How one holds true to beliefs, ideals, assumptions and values that help create the foundation for life that ultimately sculpts what we share and influences how we behave is how we begin to define culture. Culture is often seen as the combination of learned behaviors of a people immersed in specific environments that emerge as a result of their engagement with family, friends and people with whom interpersonal interactions are experienced. Do you have a strong CQ? How does it impact the diverse relationships that you manage in the workplace? Working in dynamic organizations means connecting with diverse people, cultures and environments in which intercultural communications can often become challenging. Learn to address your cultural assumptions, heighten your awareness and adjust your behavior to thrive effectively.

What we cover

  • Work session on culture and understanding of how to communicate across and between cultures
  • Culture Compass© Tool – helps you develop skills to Recognize, Understand and Strategize your intercultural competency preparing you to working across cultures.
  • Case Study Evaluations
  • Personal IC Development Plan

Strengthening Your Global Mindset

Global organizations are ever-changing and challenging entities where ambiguity, interdependence, diversity, and unpredictable fast change have become the norm. Leaders are often promoted based on experience and industry-specific skills. But how do you strengthen your business acumen to include heightened knowledge, awareness and sensitivity cultural norms, country-specific business practices, and important global insights? Who prepares you for that when taking on a global leader assignment?

What is our Objective?

Position global leaders to gain a better understanding of individual cultural assumptions and behaviors that impact the building or deterioration of professional relationships. Gaining a strong CQ helps professionals navigate cultural and social differences while minimized cultural challenges and potential faux pas plus the potential impact those assumptions and behaviors have when living and working in your host country. Our team provides individual and team development to enhance and properly prepare professionals transitioning into a global leadership role. We partner with you to create a development strategy tailored to meet your goals and design a robust learning plan that includes:
  • Global Leadership and Intercultural Effectiveness Assessment
  • Global Competency Inventory
  • Individual Global Lens Review
  • Collaborative Global Work Plan
  • Team Cross-collaborative Coaching

Expatiate Transition Solutions

Navigating the move to a new country like Jamaica is exciting! It can also be very challenging. We provide assistance with country, culture and community immersion for professionals and their families transitioning from their home country to work in Jamaica.

Where we can make a difference

Country – assign you an DC Ambassador to assist with critical country transitions that include:
  • Housing
  • Shipping goods
  • Work permit processing
  • General legal advice (may incur additional cost for specific legal advice)
Culture – pair you with a Culture Coach (CC) who will teach you about Jamaica culture based on history, food, belief and value systems, music and other significant things to know.
Community - provide social and business resources that include regional activities, entertainment events, business organizations, women’s alliances, entrepreneurial associations, online intercultural exchange groups, and more.
This is just the beginning. We will customize a program to align with your specific goals. Just give us a call at 876.616.3818 to get started.