3 Powerful #Giving Tuesday Ideas for Entrepreneurs

By  Jewel Daniels Radford, Chief People Developer, Daniels Communications

Every year on the Tuesday following the American Thanksgiving holiday, #Giving Tuesday is observed as an international day of giving.  This activist movement started in the United States and has spread globally as a means of doing good things in a manner of your choice by charitable giving or by way of supporting a cause. Choose how you want to support, who you will help or be the recipient of help.

This can sometimes prove tricky for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. Yet, when you apply a bit of creativity with a heart willing to give, the field of opportunities become ripe!  Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1. Give the Gift of Thanks and Praise

Send a personal note of thanks to your clients or better yet, get crazy by picking up the phone to personally express your gratitude.  Remember, your clients chose you!  If the mood hits you, take it a littler further by sharing the impact the business relationship has had on you or your organization. Tell a colleague, send a note to your primary contact’s boss, give them a shout out on your website or on social media.

2. Donate your Skills

Give the gift of your services to help others.  This year our company will select four (4) organizations to assist.  We will lend our support through gratuitous service giving in the following areas:

  1. Professional Development – select from our arsenal of over 250 courses and to deliver a one-day session of choice for up to 20 people for your non-profit organization.
  2. Cultural Competency – consulting and coaching workshop to help ex-pat leaders transition into an organization blended with assistance for the organizational team leaders aimed at strengthening workplace relationships.
  3. Recruitment – identify the right person for the right job using the Predictive Index to shortlist candidates through assessments that align the best job “potentials” with open positions.
  4. Entrepreneurial development – scholarship available to an aspiring or existing entrepreneur interested in attending our 2018 Tenacious Entrepreneurs workshop series.

Interested? Send an email to ebuni@dcg-training.com indicating your name, area of interest and contact information. We will reach out to learn more about your organization and its needs. This opportunity is available in the Caribbean, United States, Africa, and Europe with selections made at the discretion of criteria established by Daniels Communications.

3.      Empower your employees.

Let your organizations front-line ambassadors decide on your charitable gift-giving activity.  Your employees are your biggest heroes, sheroes, and cheerleaders.  They engage with your customers and clients daily, often in ways that leaders and upper-level managers do not have an opportunity.  They are the heartbeat of your company and pulse-checkers of the business.  Rally a cross-section of your organization’s employees to hear their ideas and innovative thoughts on how you can make an impact in your giving. They may encourage you to start a social movement; create a year-round Mentorship program at a single mother’s shelter; or host a “Gifted and Talented” event that teaches teenage boys a skill.

I have a special appreciation for #GivingTuesday because it causes us to think differently.  It is a wonderful way to extend our offerings beyond what is tangible, to do the extraordinary. 

Let's commit to Think Big, Embrace Innovation, Be Tenacious!