Jewel W Daniels Radford, Chief People Developer

Jewel has over 20 years of experience doing what she loves so most, empowering leaders to make transformational changes in their careers and leave a legacy that authentically represents their corporate brand. She is an expert in Organizational Leadership and Professional Coaching and has worked globally in Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States with major corporations like Caribbean Producers Jamaica, CitiTrends, Couples Resorts, DIRTT, Interfor, Savannah State University, Total Jamaica, Vistaprint, and others. Jewel has penned two books and is working on her third. Daniels Radford BIO / JDR Entrepreneur Author Speaker.

Entrepreneurship Business Developer and Consultant

Rodney Baker Rodney is the brain, and often the engine, behind the successful launch of many businesses and their success in landing US government and private industry contracts. He is our resident consultant on all things entrepreneurial. His goal is to create and build a portfolio of successful companies moving up in size, impact and presence in the global marketplace which is why we call upon his Ideas for Success expertise.

Senior Learning and Development Facilitator

Adrienne Middleton Edge The Lead Woman-in-Charge of program delivery and design for our US clients and Leadership programs. Whether she is turning up the heat in the classroom and or in the kitchen, Adrienne is known for her immense creativity and unique ability to facilitate in a way that connects with the various learning styles of professionals.

Instructional Design Consultant

Pete Lorins, PhD, JD, MDc There just are not enough words to explain Pete’s exceptional intellect, business acumen and creative brilliance for turning learning concepts into written curriculum that appeals to various learning styles. Born in Haiti and educated in the United States, Pete has lived and worked in the Caribbean; is fluent in English, French and Spanish, allowing us to offer our services in to a multi-lingual client group. A serial entrepreneur, his breadth of knowledge is rooted in a career working in technology, law and professional development.

R&D Lead Aficionado

Jynnah Radford She is a cultural anthropologist who is building her career on understanding how people, politics and social systems intersect. As a talented research analyst, Jynnah plays a critical role in helping us understand new markets, best practices for reaching target customers and methodologies for expanding our brand.

Social Media/Marketing Virtuoso

Aaliyah James Be careful, learning the importance of boosting our company’s social media presence and the meaning of SEO, backlinks and was as close to learning a foreign language as we could get. Thank goodness Aaliyah who is so good at breaking down the details to make simple sense and developing a plan to keep us present in the eyes of our client and social media followers.

Business Coordinator

Jody Ann Hall We play in the Learning and Development space, provide HR supportive services and facilitate Leadership Programs and Retreats. Jody Ann is instrumental in making sure that all the pieces align and remain in sync. She brings a wealth of experience in business administration and management to our team.

Trainers – Dillon Doyle and Andrea Gayle

What do you get when combine talent, professionalism and great experience? Our team of Learning Specialists and Trainers who possess amazing facilitation skills, industry experience and a passion for their work that comes alive in the classroom.

Consultant Online Learning Facilitator

Margaret Ebanks Margaret is the worker-bee helping to put together critical elements of the Learner4Life online and blended learning experience while also providing client support and general business outreach. This all comes together nicely for her dynamic engagement of our online platform.

Branding Ambassador

Ali Mudassir Truly a gifted graphic designer and webmaster, he is most talented at taking written and verbal concepts to create a visual masterpiece. Ali is credited for giving Daniels Communications its consistent vibrant and strong brand presence that resonates with our clients.

Marketing Designer

Nikhil Vastzone Gifted in everything from Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator to, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Joomla, and HTML, CSS, Nikhil is response for creation of our client-facing marketing materials to include banners, poster, flyers and other cool stuff.

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