The value of coaching is rooted in identifying strengths and potential weaknesses in an effort to bring about developmental change which can serve to improve work performance, as well as acquire new insight and skills that can also be transferrable to your personal life. Daniels Communications’ Coaching is rooted in fostering trust that allows for the free flow of sharing information. We understand that coaching requires a dedicated commitment to support other people’s journeys through a process of methods and core competencies that seek to bring about intentional change for improved performance. We work closely with you to explore various points of discovery that encourage learning, experimenting and practicing that will help to address core competencies and areas that need improvement. Coaching sessions are conducted in a safe; yet challenging environment, using TIPP points, where timing, intent, purpose and place™ are the focus for of all interactions.

The Process

It is all about making you comfortable. Coaching sessions can be conducted in-person, virtually, by telephone, or a combination of these as we work to accommodate your active schedule. Our first interaction is light. We just want to get to know you and understand how best to work with you throughout the Coaching relationship. Our goal is to help you at a particular intersection in your life journey gain the knowledge, skills and support needed to help you unearth your true potential.
Now that we have covered the technical stuff, take a look at what to expect: