Positioning Yourself for Strategic Leadership

Today’s senior level leaders must seize this opportunity to strengthen skills on how to anticipate, engage and manage changes in the global business environment. As a senior executive, the call to manage strategic objectives, develop and lead high-performing teams and maintain a competitive advantage for your organization is an enormous task. The Executive Leaders Program (PLPE) equips you with the tools, resources and contacts to drive change and ingenuity in your organization – now!

The Purpose Leadership Program for Executives brings together professionals from around the world to participate in a five-day intensive program that integrates cutting-edge business research and case studies with real-time leadership issues. You will learn how to elevate your professional brand as someone who leads with purpose, not by position! You will expand your knowledge base through eexploration of theory-driven data, immersion in business scenarios that you will challenge and dissect to achieve concrete strategies that will produce new ideas that you can put into action when you return to your organization

The PLPE takes a cutting-edge approach to further build leaders who are preparing to guide an organization or those who are newly positioned at the helm. Participants benefit from making direct contact with heads of global enterprises, visiting various companies and learning from fellow thought-leaders. This is a fast-paced, innovative program that empowers senior leaders to take a fresh and innovative approach to tackle business problems – the hallmark of all great leaders.
We welcome resonant professionals who are:
  • Divisional vice-presidents
  • General managers and branch managers
  • Executive directors of associations and NGOs
  • Senior managers of private corporations and public agencies
  • Professional services executives
Competencies to be addressed
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Strategic problem solving and decisiveness
  • Human resources management
  • Influence and impact
  • Succession planning and forecasting

Program Activities
  • Intensive Leadership Development
  • Global Leadership Skills Assessment
  • Organization Site Visits
  • 90-day Developmental Assignment
  • Coaching – post program
  • Group meetings and discussions
  • Team building exercises
  • Guest speakers

Program duration


Date: Five(5) Day Program OPEN ENROLLMENT

Time: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Location: Villa Dora Mae, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Program fees are as follows:

$423,500 JMD
$3,500 USD
Registration Fee: $1,500 USD / $175,500 JMD (non-refundable)

The fee includes do not include transportation or accommodations. Meals are included during business site visits. All materials will be provided. Register today or call 876.546.5020 for more details.