In today’s globally competitive and technologically advanced environment, a company’s greatest source for competitive advantage and business continuity is its unwavering investment in talent acquisition and leadership/management development. It is generally known and accepted that recruitment is time consuming and requires specialized skills to yield the best job-person fit. That’s where Daniels Communications comes in.

As Recruitment and Talent Development Specialists, we leverage digital technologies and cognitive tools in sourcing, identifying and matching your talent requirements with the most suitable candidates. By extension, we also design value added business support solutions that will exceed your company’s expectations. (can this be broken into two sentences?).

Why choose Daniels Communications? What’s in it for you?

Through our exceptional relationship management networks, and our over50 years combined professional experience in talent acquisition and professional development, our team is committed to establishing and maintaining quality

  • We are proficient Leadership Recruitment Experts who spearhead the recruitment process focusing on Senior/ Critical and hard to fill roles, from conception to completion (refer to the Recruitment Flowchart below). All referred candidates are pre-screened and complete a performance assessment.
  • We guarantee client and candidate confidentiality throughout the process
  • We provide value added Post-Recruitment support services including; but not limited to, pre-boarding and onboarding support, talent/leadership development, coaching, cultural competency, and employer branding.
  • We customize solutions to meet the intricate needs of your business and industry demands.
  • Our suite of services involves a comprehensive, accurate job-fit assessment to support the recruitment decision-making (demos available, conditions apply)
  • We maintain and update our Professional Database for various job types/functions
Upload your resume at no cost and we will share it HR professionals seeking to fill leadership positions that range from supervisors to directors and executive level jobs.
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Resume upload for unlimited time period Workshops – select two (2) of our professional development training offerings to attend during the year. Your membership includes access for up to eight (8) employees to participants in half-day or one-day course offerings. Online courses – when life gets busy and you desire to build your skills, your membership grants you access to one (1) online course available through our professional development portal.
$240.00 USD
Clients Option A
Workshops – select four (4) professional development courses for your employees to attend throughout the year. Your membership includes access for up to eight (8) employees to participants in half-day or one-day course offerings. Recruiter/Client Interviews Develop Job Profile (not applicable) and Desired Candidate Profile Behavioral Assessment (not applicable) Candidate sourcing Applicant Tracking & Shortlisting/ Screening Candidate Interviews Background checks Reference checks Finalize offer to most suitable candidate
$1600.00 USD plus 10% of the candidate’s gross salary
Clients Option B
Candidate sourcing Candidate Interviews Job Advertisement creation Applicant Tracking Reference checks Finalize offer to most suitable candidate
$500.00 USD

Executive Recruitment Services

The Right Candidate Search process includes the following steps:

  • The consultant will meet with the client to learn about his company and its culture, as well as details of the type of candidate desired.
  • The consultant will target candidates who are successful and have a history of career stability from industries identified as suitable by the client.
  • Through this research, a "long list" of candidates who are possibly suitable and interested is collected.
  • Screened candidates are personally interviewed by the consultant to determine suitability and interest.
  • Several qualified candidates are submitted to the client for interviews along with detailed interview notes of the candidate’s background.
  • Client conducts their own interviews and identifies suitable candidates.
  • The consultant conducts background and employment references checks.
  • The consultant advises on a job offer and mediates acceptance by the candidate.
  • Afterward, the consultant will stay in touch with the candidate to ensure a smooth transition.

Do we include a Replacement Guarantee?

Daniels Communications guarantees to provide replacement executive search services if the initially successful candidate leaves the job voluntarily within the first six (6) months of employment at a reduced cost

Off Limits Clause

Daniels Communications commits to not recruiting candidates from clients. This off-limits period starts at the beginning of the search and continues only if a placement is made and lasts for one (1) year.

Parallel Processing

Daniels Communications commits to not presenting candidates to multiple clients at the same time as this would result in clients bidding against each other.

Timing of Recruitment Function:

  • Recruiter provides an initial short-list of candidates (3 to 6 highly qualified candidates) within 3 to 4 weeks and aim for a qualified hiring decision to be made within 2 to 4 months.
  • Confidentiality Clause

    The client’s identity will be concealed to all contacts, sources and candidates until clients instruct otherwise.