Ready, Set, Give Back!
Get your company involved in a corporate Build-a-Bike Team Challenge that is a fun, fast-paced, engaging opportunity for your team members to connect, collaborate and give back to the community.  Our team will design learning activities and team challenges around your corporate values to rive home messages while employees engage each other in an unique environment.  Teams will earn bicycle parts for each completed tasks until a finished bike is assembled.  When it's allow done, the bikes are donated to area children.  Team members walk ways having reinforced company values, connected with team members and are ready to return to work invigorated to achieve mutual wins!

Wheel of Knowledge

You’re going to just love this! It is an engaging game that adds an element of chance and fun as teams try to figure out hidden words, phrases and complete other tasks.

Exercises are built around a variety of “get to know” members of the Team questions; facility facts, interesting questions and company history; as well as, challenging quizzes, phrases and other tasks that help build knowledge, foster collaboration, extend trust and much more.  The focus is on taking leaders offline to gain new insights into each other, leverage their best and most creative assets while seeing their MBTI preferences come to life. It’s fun, it’s learning, it’s part of the framework of building a high-performing  team!

Build It, Gift It!

In the Build It, Gift It! challenge, each team will be required to collect and bring to work a large number of canned items in a wide variety of sizes. The canned goods must be used to build a famous building, landmark or something easily identifiable. Teams will be supplied with tape, shrink wrap and other items to help extend your creative flare and…keep your masterpiece together! All canned item labels must remain intact, but teams will be provided with an assortment of colored paper to cover the labels to limit damage and add beauty and power to your tower.

This teambuilding exercise will test your group’s creative and artistic side, while helping to foster communication, collaboration and group thinking. The BONUS – the finished product is a tower of much needed items that can be donated to a local food bank, shelter or other charity of your choice.

The Winning team will be selected based the best use of materials, most creative design, and most easily recognizable structure. But shhhh, participants think

Treasure Hunt Relay

This program will test strategy, endurance and collaboration as team members go on a treasure hunt to find items to fill a child’s back to school backpack.  Each team will receive an empty backpack plus  clues to hunt down various locations where various items can be  be found to fill the backpack.  The clues are a mix of history, company clues, riddles and challenging learning tools

A great activity that gives teams the opportunity to not only learn about team skills, their own and others’ behaviors, but also make a contribution to a school or  organizations that you select.  In addition to your employees gaining a better understanding of how to work with each other, the smiles of the children's faces will be priceless.

Cell Phone Amazing  Race

Let's bring technology to the forefront of team building! Teams are immersed in a high tech team building treasure hunt using their mobile devices...yes, we said can use your cellphones.   We will design and place clues in various location. Teams are in an Cell Phone Amazing Race to crack the code of carefully crafted tasks, stories, and other unique challenges that tie company values, practices and objectives with lots of fun.    The experience will teach your group skills like creative problem solving and risk-taking while also giving a that will boost leadership and teamwork performance in your company.  The Cell Phone Amazing Race will ultimately help to build better relationships, as employees get to know each other differently in a relaxed and fun environment.
This teambuilding activity has great flexibility because it can be designed to last several hours  or a full day.  The Cell Phone Amazing Race can spread across the island or within a selected, more controlled environment.  You decided.  We are here to be your strategic partners helping to meet your professional development and teambuilding goals.